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Are you ready to to live the #laptoplifestyle?

No longer do you have to work the 9-5 in an office cubicle furthering someone else’s dreams. You now have the choice to design a remote career that fuels your fire and gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. 

The digital nomad lifestyle opens up the doors to the world and allows you to focus on your career aspirations, network & meet like-minded individuals that inspire, and live on your own terms. Whether you’re just starting out or have been a nomad for years, our community is ready to support you on your digital nomad journey and ensure it is an aligned and sustainable one.


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Let's take on the digital nomad lifestyle together

Hey, I’m Andrae. I’m the founder of Work Wanderers and a fellow Digital Nomad. I help others become location independent, design their lifestyles and find community.

I’ve been running coliving/coworking retreats for digital nomads for the last four years and mentor aspiring digital nomads to quit the 9-5 and take the plunge as solopreneurs or freelancers.

I’ve gone from 8 years in the 9-5 – from corporate to negotiating remote work contracts, to then quitting and starting my own business while freelancing on the side.

Get in touch today and let’s build the lifestyle of your dreams. Looking forward to working/traveling with you!

From our Community

Maya Bhoolabhai
Maya Bhoolabhai
Andrae changed my life! I went to her when I started my business in a new field that I was enthusiastic about. I had no idea where to start. Andrae helped me with the entire process by providing me with a wealth of information and useful tools to set goals, define my values, and start exploring options right away. She is patient, encouraging, and insightful. Andrae is an expert in her field, and I would highly recommend her for your coaching needs.
I went on the Cape Town retreat this spring and absolutely loved it. It was my first ever experience as a digital nomad. Andrea helped me gain so much confidence as an entrepreneur and traveler. I would highly recommend using Work Wanderers to start your journey as a digital nomad.
Alex Swanton
Alex Swanton
The Work Wanderers retreat in Cape Town was a really amazing experience. I've been travelling for years and I've lived in 5+ colivings. The Work Wanderers experience went above and beyond. With skills shares, coaching sessions, and various excursions and nights out, there is a great mix of activities. Whether you are a new traveler or an experienced one looking to build more community, WW is for you. You can expect a great experience in a beautiful location with a few life long friends. On top of that, Andrae does a great job of making sure the experience exceeds your expectations. If you're considering going, invest in your happiness and book a retreat now!
Kristi Jacobsen
Kristi Jacobsen
I joined the Cape Town retreat in February 2022 and it was the best way to ease into the digital nomad lifestyle. Andrae welcomed us to Cape Town with open arms and gave us an amazing month long experience. The coliving villa was spectacular, with incredible views and and so many places to work. I was more productive during the retreat than I am at home, and loved the opportunity to connect with other likeminded individuals and to bounce ideas off them. Andrae organized helpful masterminds and skillshares, as well as outings in Cape Town so we could have not just the tourist experience, but a local experience as well. Her well organized trips helped me connect with other digital nomads from around the world and many have become good friends. The Work Wanderers retreat was an amazing experience and I look forward to joining Andrae on another retreat soon!
Monica Corredor
Monica Corredor
Andrae is a great coach. She gave me so much clarity and organization throughout the process. I came with a vague idea of what I wanted to do and now I have a clear business idea with specific products and services, a help statement, the copy for my website, a clear objective of what I want to achieve by the end of the year, and a plan to keep moving forward. Andrae has the ability to organize your ideas and put them on paper in a very simple way, which is amazing and very useful when you have lots of ideas in your mind, which usually entrepreneurs do. I really enjoyed the group coaching calls. They were collaborative, inspiring, and we could help each other with our own experiences. Accountability was a huge part of this program, which is necessary to keep you on track when starting a business or changing careers. The 1 to 1 calls were very helpful as they were totally personalized to my own needs. I wish I had more of these. Three months of continuous progress.
Cristina Reina
Cristina Reina
My experience with Andrae from Work Wanderers have been excellent. She is very professional, and she will always give you good advice. After her coaching sessions, I feel more confident and happier about my career as a freelancer.
Syeda M
Syeda M
Andrae is an amazing person. She is really helpful, few days ago I needed some suggestions regarding remote work and she gave me suggestions at the right time. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors. Thankyou✨✨✨
Aman Mittal
Aman Mittal
I participated in the Digital Nomad Accelerator program in 2020 for sole reason to gain insight on how to shift my mindset and work-life balance to incline more towards being a digital nomad and starting my own side hustle. Andrae is an amazing mentor, always humble and ready to help on any query I had. In our initial coaching session, with her help I managed to create a 3 month workflow of what to work on during the program. Her timely tips and advice on how to work through those 3 months and plan for future ahead. This blew my mind because I always had these thoughts in my mind and she helped put them down on paper to make the concrete enough to work on. During the program I did experience hitting the wall situations and she was very helpful on how to tackle those situations and shared her own experience. After joining the program, I realized it exceed my expectations. I never though I would be getting someone to rely on as a mentor. Her knowledge of businesses and markets in different domains is exceptional. She always very responsive through emails and quite a professional as a coach in when it comes to using tools during the program. Not the least, she is an amazing human being, pragmatic and positive and I am glad I get to learn from her and to work with her in my journey.
chandrashekar kunder
chandrashekar kunder
I had a free session with Andrea. She created a vision board in minutes. Literally all the confusion went away. This session was very valuable. She is good with her skills. She can guide in the right direction based on the skill set. She created an action plan for me for the next one year. I want to join her coaching program in 2021 and work more closely with her. If you are confused about your digital nomad journey, talk to her and get clarity.

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