Discover how to Escape the 9-5 & Work From Anywhere

The 6-month coaching program you NEED to transition from your office 9-5 to frelancing from Bali

Introducing the Digital Nomad Accelerator Program

The Digital Nomad Accelerator is designed to empower you with a step-by-step system to seamlessly shift from your 9-5 office job to a thriving freelance lifestyle, offering you the financial stability, flexibility, and independence you needs to live and work anywhere in the world.

Does this sound like you?

You’re sick of the office 9-5

You want more freedom & flexibility

You want to build an online freelance biz & be your own boss

You want to grow and uplevel your skills

You want to travel the world now - not when you’re 65

How this program will help you...

I’ve helped 100s of aspiring nomads go location independent

Get into Career Alignment

Design & build your Freelance business

Craft a sustainable travel plan as a digital nomad

You will...

Gain Career Clarity

Map out a clear path for your freelance journey. Define your niche, set your goals, and chart a course towards fulfilling work that resonates with your strengths.

Launch Your Business

Lay the groundwork for a robust freelance operation. Implement systems and strategies that support sustained growth and adaptability.

Boost Your Confidence

Grow your confidence through practical experience and positive reinforcement. Feel empowered to present your value and negotiate effectively.

Cultivate High-Demand Skills

Develop marketable expertise that sets the stage for opportunity. Your services become the key to unlocking new professional possibilities.

Expand Your Network

Join a vibrant community of digital nomads. Forge connections that lead to collaborations, friendships, and new opportunities across the globe.

Start Your Nomad Journey

Work whenever, wherever. Say goodbye to the 9-5 grind and hello to a life where your work schedule and location are defined by you, not a cubicle.

Our Coaching System

This is a personalised program so each individual will have varied career & business coaching needs. After our initial Career Clarity Session, youwill be placed into one of 2 streams – dependant on the remote career path you choose. 

Your Coach & Mentor

Hey, I’m Andrae.

For the next 6 months I will be your personal  remote career & business coach – helping you kickstart your digital nomad journey!

You get TWO private coaching calls with me each month plus multiple group calls through the program.

I have helped 100s of aspiring digital nomads transition from the 9-5 & build successful online careers or land their ideal remote job.

After working in Marketing & Business Strategy for over 8 years & qualifying as a certified Results Coach, I am excited to help you on your journey to design a life & career you love waking up to every day.

What's included in the Program?

Current career review & analysis

60-min private online coaching session per moth

Monthly group coaching call

Roadmap & Strategic action plan

Private group chat

Lifetime Access to Work Wanderers Hub (Online Nomad Community)

Bonus #1: Freelancer Freedom Online Course

Lifetime access to our 6-module oline course helping you set up your freelancer business within 90 days. Build your personal brand, create service packages & set up your client strategy. This is self-paced and will be your guideline to setting up your business. 

See course details here.


Bonus #2 Freelancer Starter Kit

Get instant access to over 40 done-for-you templates all designed to help you kickstart your freelancer business fast. No need to start from scratch, this bundle has all the systems and templates you need to land your first client in less than 90 days. 

See Starter Kit details here.

Get access to our Global Nomad Community

join the Work Wanderers family and our growing global nomad community, filled with new and experienced remote workers, freelancers & online entrepreneurs from around the world.

Chat, connect & network via different interactive Slack channels in our Work Wanderers Hub AND get your own private Whatsapp group with fellow Accelerators & help each other make the transition even faster. We are here to support eachother.

What our clients say...

Program fee

We only have 5 spots per month. 


Program duration: 6 months



Once-off cost


Current career review & analysis

1X 60-min private sessions per moth 

Monthly group coaching calls

Roadmap & Strategic action plan

Lifetime Access: Freelancer Freedom Online Course (Self-Paced)

Comprehensive workbooks

Private group chat

Lifetime Access to Work Wanderers Hub (Online Nomad Community)

Let's all meet in Bali in September

In our last month of the program, you will be able to come join other digital nomads - new & experienced in Bali.

We will host a 2-3 week coliving experiece there & you can get the real feel of being a digital nomad PLUS get your coaching sessions in person with Andrae.

We will send you more details after enrollment on the Digital Nomad Accelerator program. Such a great trip to work towards!


Simply join here. You will receive onboarding documents within 12 hours & have your first private call within the next 3 days. 

The program is rolloing and you have your first coaching call within the week of sign up. 

Only 5 spots available per month.

This program is for anyone who wants to: 

  • Get clarity on their remote career & feels stuck or that they are progressing too slowly
  • Has the aspiration to live the digital nomad lifestyle once they have set up their online career
  • Needs help setting up the foundation of their online/freelancer biz and actionable next steps
  • Wants to reach 5k-10k consistent income months as a freelancer, online entrepreneur or remote worker

That’s completely fine. I have helped people with zero online skills review their career options, create upskill gameplans, get clarity and moved them towards securing their first online client. Everyone has a different journey and that’s why private coaching is the most beneficial if you are in this  situation. 

This is a 6-month program for those committed to make the change. It is personalised, 1:1 coaching with Andrae as your strategic remote career and business coach. It costs $997 once-off.  

You can get all the details on what the course covers here.

This program will help you: 

  • Get Remote Career Clarity
  • Align your Purpose & Career 
  • Create an Action Plan to reach your monthly income goals
  • Build the foundation of your business includng online presence, product strategy, marketing strategy & sales funnels
  • Get you closer to building a loyal customer base
  • Plan your new lifestyle as a digital nomad

Yup you can pay per month at $197. 

Book a call here if you want ths option: https://calendly.com/workwanderers/digital-nomad-accelerator-applicant-call

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