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Work with Andrae & become a successful digital nomad in only 90 days. Get career clarity, build an online biz, get clients & start traveling the world.

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Our 1:1 personalised coaching program teaches you our signature Align, Design & Sustain framework to build a successful online career & travel the world as a digital nomad. 

Hey, I’m Andrae, the founder of Work Wanderers. I’ve gone from working in a large corporate, to negotiating remote work contracts and then to quitting my job and building my online business from scratch – and YOU CAN TOO!

I will get you started on your digital nomad journey and help you create a lifestyle that is purpose-driven, profitable and balanced.

Does this sound like you?

You’re sick of the 9-5

You want more freedom & flexibility

You want to build an online biz you’re passionate about

You want to be in control of your day and be the CEO of your own life

You want to travel the world now - not when you’re 65

How this program will help you...

I’ve helped 100s of aspiring nomads go location independent

Align your purpose & passion with your career

Get clarity on the perfect online career for you

Create an action plan to set you up for success

Design your business model & marketing strategy

Set a monthly income goal & create a sales plan to hit it

Craft a sustainable travel plan as a digital nomad

Accelerate your career as a Digital Nomad

3-month personalised coaching program for aspiring digital nomads who are ready to leave the 9-5 office cubicle and start designing a lifestyle they love.

It’s the fast track to becoming a remote worker, freelancer or online entrepreneur and creating an action plan to start your digital nomad journey

What's included in the Program?

Current career review & analysis

Career Vision Board Creation

X6 Private coaching calls

Roadmap & Strategic action plan

Digital Nomad Bootcamp Course

Comprehensive workbooks

Actionable takeaways per session

Accountability weekly check-ins

You can join today!


Once-ff & save


6X 60 min private coaching calls
Digital Nomad Bootcamp (Online Course)
Comprehensive workbooks


3 Monthly instalments


6X 60 min private coaching calls
Digital Nomad Bootcamp (Online Course)
Comprehensive workbooks

Here's what's inside

Get bi-weekly 60-min intensive private coaching calls with Andrae to guide you on your digital nomad journey and create a solid action plan to build a successful remote career.

Includes: In depth review & analysis of current situation, comprehensive workbooks and weekly assignments

($3997 Value)

Get the entire Digital Nomad Bootcamp 8-module online course with 24 lessons. It is a self-paced course taking you from absolute beginner to travelling the world full-time as a digital nomad. 

What our students say

Still wondering if it's a good fit?

You’ve been mulling over this digital nomad thing for a while and wondering if it’s even possible.

Maybe those people on Instagram have some secret to how they travel the world, it just seems so easy but you know it’s not.

You’re scouring the internet, reading blog articles, watching Youtube videos and trying to get free resources to get you started but it’s overwhelming, unorganised and frankly not getting you anywhere.

What’s the solution? Just give up or never start? You know you need a change and you’re sick of this mundane life. You’re ready for a challenge and ready to take on the world.

Sound about right? Book a call & let’s chat. 


Simply apply to join here. You will receive a response in 48 hours and be prompted to book a quick 15 min call. If it’s a good fit on both sides – you will be sent bext steps to secure your spot as a private coaching client. 

Every month, 5 new students are accepted. As this is private coaching, you get 1:1 intensive support so we can only take a limited amount of clients every month. 

This program is for anyone who wants to: 

  • Get clarity on their remote career & feels stuck or that they are progressing too slowly
  • Has the aspiration to live the digital nomad lifestyle once they have set up their online career
  • Needs help setting up the foundation of their online/freelancer biz and actionable next steps
  • Wants to reach 5k-10k consistent income months as a freelancer, online entrepreneur or remote worker

That’s completely fine. I have helped people with zero online skills review their career options, create upskill gameplans, get clarity and moved them towards securing their first online client. Everyone has a different journey and that’s why private coaching is the most beneficial if you are in this  situation. 

This is a 12-week program for those committed to make the change. It is personalised, 1:1 coaching with Andrae as your strategic remote career and business coach. It costs $1997 once-off or $797 per month. 

You can get all the etails on what the course covers here.

This program will help you: 

  • Get Remote Career Clarity
  • Align your Purpose & Career 
  • Create an Action Plan to reach your monthly income goals
  • Build the foundation of your business includng online presence, product strategy, marketing strategy & sales funnels
  • Get you closer to building a loyal customer base
  • Plan your new lifestyle as a digital nomad

Yup you can pay per month at $797. 

Is becoming a digital nomad right for you?

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