Build your Freelancer Business Today!

Self-paced online course with everything you need to  build your freelancer career from scratch so you can become a digital nomad

The Freelance Business course for aspiring digital nomads

Trapped in your 9-5? This course liberates you. Over 6 pillars, you’ll gain the tools to launch a thriving freelance career on your terms. Package your services, attract clients, and earn great money remotely from anywhere as a digital nomad. Total freedom awaits.

You will...

Master freelance mindset

Choose ideal Freelance career

Identify your niche

Craft a winning pitch

Package irresistible services

Price services profitably

Build an online presence

Land your first high-paying client

Course curriculum

🎥 What it really MEANS to be a Freelancer

🎥 4 Mindset Blocks When Transitioning From The 9-5

🎥 Money Mindset As A Freelancer

🎥 Uncover your deep, driving “Why” for unstoppable motivation

🎥 Conduct a comprehensive skills audit to identify marketable talents

🎥 Create a step-by-step freelance career blueprint tailored to your goals

🎥 Define your ideal client avatar so you can speak directly to them

🎥 Craft an irresistible pitch and unique positioning that stands out

🎥 Package your services in an enticing, can’t-resist bundle

🎥 Master premium pricing strategies to get paid what you deserve

🎥 Get bonus in-depth training on crafting offers that sell (invaluable!)

🎥 Why a professional website is make-or-break for freelance success

🎥 Nail the essential elements for a website that captivates and converts

🎥 Get your website up and running in just 7 days with our action plan

🎥 Build undeniable credibility and position yourself as the go-to expert

🎥 5 proven strategies to have clients lining up to work with you

🎥 How to leverage freelance job boards to your advantage

🎥 Expand your network to uncover hidden client opportunities


Freelancer Starter Kit

40+ Done-For-You Templates

Get instant access to over 40 done-for-you templates all designed to help you kickstart your freelancer business fast. No need to start from scratch, this bundle has all the systems and templates you need to land your first client in less than 90 days. 

Meet Andrae
your Instructor

Andrae Smith

Remote Career & Digital Nomad Coach

Hey, I’m Andrae. I’m the founder of Work Wanderers and a fellow Digital Nomad. I help others become location independent, design their lifestyles and find community. I am an ICF certified Results Coach excited to help you reach your digital nomad dreams. 

I’ve gone from working a 9-5 office job to negotiating a remote work contract, to quitting and starting my own business while freelancing on the side. And you can too! Get in touch today and let’s build the lifestyle of your dreams. Looking forward to working/travelling with you!

Ready to become a digital nomad?

This is the fast-track online course to get you from feeling stuck to building your online career from scratch & traveling around the world.
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