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Self-paced online course with everything you need from quitting the 9-5 to traveling the world as a digital nomad full-time

Course curriculum

🎥 Is the Digital Nomad Lifestyle right for you?

🎥 Finding yoaur Purpose/Why in your career

🎥 Creating Your Remote Career Plan

🎥 Showcasing Your Online Skills

🎥 Packaging Yourself To Get Clients

🎥 Growing Your Network

🎥 Applying for freelancer gigs

🎥 How to find your 1st remote job

🎥 Negotiating a remote work contract

[TEMPLATE] Remote Worker Exit Strategy Checklist

🎥 Setting Up A Website in less than a week

🎥 Creating an Online Presence

🎥 Marketing Strategies to Get Leads

🎥 [BONUS] How to Package Your Products/Services – Live Training

🎥 [BONUS] Practical Steps to set up your first Wordpress website

🎥 15 Ways to Make Money Online While You Sleep

🎥 5 Mindset Blocks Facing Aspiring Digital Nomads [LIVE]

🎥 Money Mindset As A Nomad

🎥 Becoming Your Own Boss – Productivity Hacks & Tips

🎥 Getting Prepared to Travel As A Digital Nomad

🎥 Creating A Realistic Travel Budget

🎥 Where to travel – Digital Nomad Hubs Around The World

🎥 Travel Hacks & Tips For Digital Nomads

🎥 3 Easy Ways To Find Community When you Get There

The bootcamp for aspiring digital nomads

This online self-paced course is designed for anyone who wants to become a digital nomad, no matter where they are in their career. 

If you have zero experience or zero online skills, this course will guide you from career alignment all the way through to digital nomad travel hacks and managing your finances while on the road. 

Do the course in your own time & join the Inner Circle of Work Wanderers where you can connect with other digital nomads & ask any questions you have around building a remote career or living the digital nomad lifestyle. 


What you get

24 prerecorded lessons

8 hours of content

Comprehensive workbooks

Lifetime access

Access to all new trainings

Access to the Inner Circle

Meet Andrae
your Instructor

Andrae Smith

Remote Career & Digital Nomad Coach

Hey, I’m Andrae. I’m the founder of Work Wanderers and a fellow Digital Nomad. I help others become location independent, design their lifestyles and find community 

I’ve been running coliving/coworking retreats for digital nomads for the last two years and mentor aspiring digital nomads to quit the 9-5 office cubicle job and take the plunge into the digital nomad lifestyle.

I’ve gone from working a 9-5 office job to negotiating a remote work contract, to quitting and starting my own business while freelancing on the side. And you can too! Get in touch today and let’s build the lifestyle of your dreams. Looking forward to working/travelling with you!

Ready to become a digital nomad?

This is the fast-track online course to get you from feeling stuck to building your online career from scratch & traveling around the world.