10 Emerging Digital Nomad Cities in 2020

While most people still immediately picture Bali and Lisbon when they think of digital nomads, there are many other up-and-coming cities that are starting to make a name for themselves in the globetrotting community. Here are 10 of the most exciting and exotic emerging digital nomad cities on the rise today.

1. Cape Town, South Africa

When to visit: If you’re looking for smaller crowds and lower prices but still want to make the most of the beautiful South African weather, the best times to visit Cape Town are between March to May, or September and November. 

What to do: From the beaches to the forests to the mountains, there are endless opportunities to explore in Cape Town. The Cape is known for its fine wines, white sands and iconic landmarks like Table Mountain and Robben Island.

Where to work: From the inner city to the suburbs, Cape Town has a wide choice of stylish modern coworking spaces to choose from. Hubspace in the Khayelitsha township also offers you the opportunity to sponsor a local entrepreneur from a disadvantaged background, by paying for their access access to this fully-equipped workspace.

Check out the ULTIMATE digital nomad guide to Cape Town here.

2. Cebu, Philippines

When to visit: The winter months (December through February) are ideal for travels in Cebu. Winter is characterised by warm, sunny days and cool nights with low humidity. January is also a special time to get a taste of Cebu culture, as this is when the Sinulog Festival takes place. 

What to do: There are plenty of “bucket list” activities to check off in sunny Cebu, from island-hopping to swimming with whale sharks. There is also a lot of delicious local cuisine to sample at reasonable prices.

Where to work: You’ll find a variety of coworking spaces in Cebu, including a choice of local hostels and coffee shops. The city has a small but thriving digital nomad community that will make you feel welcome.

Where to stay: There are a number of living options from airbnbs to hostels. Check out this guide to the best hostels in Cebu.

3. Da Nang, Vietnam

When to visit: Da Nang is at its most beautiful between February and May. During these months, visitors can enjoy sunny skies and low humidity, and bathe in the blissfully warm sea (around 25°C). 

What to do: Expats will enjoy Da Nang’s relaxed beach-city vibe, which offers a change of pace to the high-speed atmosphere of bustling Vietnamese cities like Hanoi and Saigon. This is the place to try affordable local meals and amazing Vietnamese coffee, in between exploring your lush tropical surroundings. There are plenty of coastal trails which are best experienced by motorbike.

Where to work: Enouvo Space is notable as Da Nang’s first coworking and coliving space, with two prime locations in the city.

4. Koh Lanta, Thailand

When to visit: January to April marks the dry, hot season in Koh Lanta. This is the best time of year to visit, as most resorts and hotels are closed during the rainy season.

What to do: Koh Lanta offers excellent conditions for snorkelling and scuba diving. There are also plenty of places to enjoy Muay Thai, yoga and indulgent Thai massages.

Where to work: Koh Lanta is home to KoHub, one of the best-rated coworking spaces in Asia. Members get the chance to enjoy networking events and local excursions every week.

5. Montevideo, Uruguay

When to visit: The off-season months in Montevideo mean mild but warm weather and fewer tourists. Visit the city between March and May or September and November.

What to do: Montevideo is home to plenty of unique art and quirky architecture, to give you an unforgettable culture fix. You’ll also find the city has a thriving café culture and some excellent wineries.

Where to work: There is a selection of paid and free coworking spaces in Montevideo to choose from, and plenty of local meetup groups for those looking to network.

6. São Paulo, Brazil

When to visit: To make the most of your time in São Paulo, visit in fall (March to May) or spring (October to November). This is the best time to enjoy the city’s premier events and the most pleasant temperatures.

What to do: Visitors to São Paulo can enjoy free walking tours of the city, browse the local markets and parks, take in famous artworks at the MASP Museum, or lose themselves in Parque Estadual da Cantareira, one of the world’s largest urban forests.

Where to work: São Paulo is South America’s business capital, home to major multinational headquarters and innovative start-ups alike. There’s no shortage of local coworking space to choose from.

7. Taghazout, Morocco

When to visit: You can enjoy Morocco’s coastal regions all year round, but spring and fall (March to May and September to October) are generally the most pleasant times to be in the country. Surfers will enjoy the best conditions in Taghazout from late September to late April.

What to do: Taghazout is a tranquil surfing and fishing village, home to beautiful beaches, natural pools and picturesque waterfalls. Take the opportunity to catch some waves, take a romantic horseback or camel ride along the sand, or go quad biking through the lush scenery.

Where to work: SunDesk is a popular Moroccan coworking and coliving space in Taghazout, geared towards entrepreneurs and students who want to work while travelling.

8. Tallinn, Estonia

When to visit: To enjoy festival season in full swing, it’s best to visit Tallinn in the summer months. Midsummer (July and August) can get a little crazy, but if you’re looking for a party atmosphere it’s the place to be. The best weather conditions last from May to September. 

What to do: The city has a rich culture and history to explore. Visit the market stalls in Old Town, admire the most Instagrammable vistas from Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform, learn about local legends on a free walking tour, and of course, sample some of Estonia’s famous craft beers.

Where to work: Tallinn has become popular with digital nomads thanks to Estonia’s e-residency and start-up visa programs. The coworking scene in Tallinn is growing fast, and there are some excellent spots to choose from.

9. Tbilisi, Georgia

When to visit: May, June and September are the most enjoyable months to be in Tbilisi, avoiding the more extreme temperatures of summer or winter. The autumn harvest season is a beautiful time to explore the local vineyards.

What to do: Where to begin? Read our guide to Tbilisi for digital nomads and find out what this stunning city has in store for you.

Where to work: Tbilisi’s coworking spaces are dotted around the city in strategic locations to help you make the most of all the local seasonal activities on offer.

10. Valencia, Spain

When to visit: With its Mediterranean climate, Valencia is enjoyable all year round. In March to June, the weather is warm but the crowds are smaller. July to October is peak beach season, which attracts bigger crowds.

What to do: From the fascinating City of the Arts and Sciences and its marvellous oceanarium, to the bohemian boutiques, bustling markets and sunny beaches, Valencia has something for everyone.

Where to work: Valencia has a great choice of quality coworking centres to choose from.

Which of these emerging digital nomad cities is next on your list? We will be heading to Tbilisi in May 2020 – check it out here.: https://www.workwanderers.com/tour/tbilisi/

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