10 Steps to Quit Your 9-5 & Become a Digital Nomad

Becoming a digital nomad can be a rewarding and exciting lifestyle change. Here are ten steps to help you quit your 9-5 job and become a digital nomad:

  1. Do the Career Alignment Triangle Audit: Identify your skills, passions, and purpose to help you decide which type of remote work or business you want to pursue.

  2. Do market research: Explore remote job websites and freelance platforms to see what kind of work is available in your field, and what skills are in demand. Look at industry trends and what types of online businesses and freelancer/remote job options are on the rise as well as pay well. 

  3. Create an upskill Gameplan: Invest time in learning new skills or improving existing ones that will be valuable in your future remote job or career. 

  4. Create a portfolio or website: Showcase your skills and work experience through a portfolio or website that highlights your skills, services, and achievements.

  5. Build a network: Join online communities and social media groups where you can connect with other digital nomads and potential clients.

  6. Create a financial plan: Calculate your expenses and determine how much money you need to earn to sustain your lifestyle.

  7. Start small: Begin by taking on remote work or freelance projects on a part-time basis while still working your 9-5 job. Getting that first client will give you experience as well as the confidence to pursue this career path full-time. 

  8. Create a safety net: Build up a financial buffer by saving money and reducing expenses to cover any unexpected costs.

  9. Give notice: Once you have enough remote work or freelance projects to sustain your lifestyle, give notice to your employer and prepare to make the transition. Give yourself a deadline for this otherwise, it may drag out. 

  10. Embrace the digital nomad lifestyle: Travel, explore new cultures, and embrace the freedom that comes with being a digital nomad. But also remember to maintain a healthy work-life balance, stay organized, and stay focused on your career/work goals.

These are the steps we use in our Digital Nomad Accelerator program to getting you nodding in 12 weeks. If you want to kickstart your digital nomad journey & actually make it happen – apply to join the Digital Nomad Accelerator here.

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