3 Types of People Who Are Meant To Become Digital Nomads

The digital nomad lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Leaving the traditional 9-5 to embark on an unknown adventure solo with often financial uncertainty would hold back most people.

But, there are 3 types of people that view the lifestyle as an opportunity, an escape, or the obvious choice. Let’s dive into it and see if you can resonate with any of these types.

The Rebel

The rebel is someone who is non-conformist. They have never felt comfortable in following the rules and don’t believe in being restricted in their movements, career, or outlook. They want to forge their own path in life and aren’t afraid to be placed outside their comfort zone.

The Rebel may be considered the black sheep of the family or misunderstood. They can struggle to relate to others or may feel unaligned to their peers & friends when it comes to life goals & values.

Most digital nomads have some element of ‘The Rebel” in them. They have chosen an unconventional lifestyle and feel empowered as they can design their own lifestyle & career, outside of societal norms & constructs.

The true rebels oftentimes won’t even like to be labeled as digital nomads as they don’t want to be put into a box or considered another normal category society has created. They will do what they want, how they want, and don’t know one tell them differently.

If this is triggering you slightly – you’re probably a Rebel haha.

Oftentimes Rebels become Entrepreneurs, Freelancers or make income in an alternative ways such as Crypto.

Does this sound like you?

The Dreamers

Sipping on counts in Bali, remote working from a rooftop in Cairo overlooking the pyramids, strolling next to the Danube at sunset…

Dreamers envision their lives differently from the everyday.

They want to create a lifestyle that fulfills their ultimate desires and believe it is more than possible.

They create the lifestyle of their dreams and if they are held back by financial constraints, responsibilities or work restrictions they feel deeply unsatisfied.

They are idealistic in nature and don’t believe in boundaries and red tape.

The world is there to explore, life is waiting to be enjoyed and experiences are the epitome of our existence.

Dreamers get bored by mundane routines and day-to-day tasks. They need excitement, change and diversity,

They tend to be innovative, adventurous & adaptable.

Dreamers oftentimes are entrepreneurs, freelancers or seek to be involved in impact-driven businesses.

Are you a dreamer?

The Freedom Seekers

Freedom seekers are those that generally feel stuck, restricted or fed up in their current jobs. They are looking for an escape and essentially more freedom to reach their personal and business goals.

They yearn for more flexibility in the workplace and truly value their time. They feel that time is a commodity and should be used effectively & with intention.

Freedom may have many different meanings to a Freedom Seeker. They may want to spend more time with family, they may want more freedom to work on their passion projects or they may simply want the freedom to travel.

Like the rebels, they may feel restricted by the workplace, but it is not necessarily in their nature to break the rules or be inherently different. Ultimately, all they want is more freedom than they are being offered and are happy to compromise as long as their career gives them that opportunity.

Freedom seekers are oftentimes full-time remote workers or freelancers.

Are you a Freedom Seeker?

Digital nomads may resonate with one of these more than others however it is common for them to have traits from all 3 categories as the underlying denominator for all is freedom & travel.

These types were created based off of working with 100s of digital nomads from around the world through our retreats & coaching programs with Work Wanderers.

As we are true digital nomads – we don’t like boxes but do enjoy seeing the similarities between nomads from all walks of life and find it unique 7 special how we just get each other – maybe these categories help us understand why.

Please put your comments below & let us know what you think.

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