5 Steps to transition from the office to freelancer

If you’re working in a 9-5 and constantly feel like you’re stuck or that it’s borderline soul-destroying, it may be time to look at other options. Many people fall into careers they never anticipated or sometimes they never stopped to ask themselves – what do I actually want in life. 

A simple question we tend to forget to ask as after school we are thrown into the rat race of getting a job and being ‘successful’/ But oftentimes we don’t understand what our true purpose s or what career would actually lead to the most fulfillment. 

Now add on the allure of working remotely while traveling the world. As the pandemic pushes the majority of the workforce to work from home, more people are realizing that where you work is irrelevant – leaving open a world of opportunity – literally. 

Becoming a freelancer and building your own online business is fast becoming a trending topic as there are more online job opportunities than ever and the demand for casual workers has blown up with more people becoming entrepreneurs and needing freelance work. 

So how do you transition from the office to becoming a freelancer?

Well, it is different for everyone but we have put 5 key steps together to get you started.

1. Audit your online & offline skills

If you are wanting to move into the freelance space, you will most likely be working online so the first step is to determine what online skills you actually have at this point. Make a list of the online skills you have gathered over the years whether it is simply inputting data on an excel sheet to editing a youtube video. 

Now, look at your offline skills. What do we mean? Well, the skills you have acquired over the years when studying or through work experience. These types of skills could be that you’re analytical, strategic, organized, creative – the list goes on. These are important as they will tie into different online roles. 

Now highlight the areas that are your zones of genius – what are you best at? Circle the skills that jump out as the ones you are most confident in and enjoy. Remember, you can always upskill as well so don’t limit yourself but remember to play to your strengths.

2. Decide on a Freelance career path

There are an overwhelming number of online jobs you can get into so most people get stuck at this step. Which one is right for me? Where will I make the most money? Where is there a demand? 

These are all very valid questions and need to be carefully considered before jumping into any old freelance career. 

Use the skills you identified to help narrow down the different career options. Here is a list of 40 Freelancer job options with income brackets to give you some ideas. 

Once you have chosen the type of freelancer you want to be, you need to commit to this and upskill where necessary to help you achieve success. 

3. Get some experience & reviews

If you are new to the type of freelance work you are getting into, it is vital to get some experience and start building credibility. When trying to get clients, one of the first things they will ask is for sample work and referrals. 

We suggest after you have upskilled (if necessary) to do a small task/project for a potential client in exchange for a review. This task should not take you longer than 2-3 hours – for example writing a blog article. 

This process allows you to grow your skills and gain confidence in ability, plus add to your repertoire and gather testimonials to cobvert future clients. 

4. Get your 1st client while in the 9-5

You might already be feeling super exhausted in your current job and adding work on top of that may seem daunting. However, most people don’t transition into becoming a freelancer as they fear not having consistent income and thus never quit their job to pursue this path. 

To overcome this limiting belief and bolster confidence in this career change, it is recommended to bite the bullet and seek out your 1st freelance client while working your day job. 

Getting a retainer client should be the goal – meaning a client who needs you for a set amount of hours every month. Once you have onboarded your first client and successfully worked for them for a month, you can move onto step 5. 

5. Quit your 9-5 & start your freelance journey

Woohoo, you have direction in your career and your first freelance client! Now it’s time to write a very satisfying resignation letter and breathe a massive sigh of relief. You did it! 

Once you are free to embark on the freelance path fully, look into building up your online presence and adding more retainer clients to your workload. 

Remember you can design your own days and slot in freelance work when it works for you. Take on as many or as few clients as you need financially and start moving towards a lifestyle that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. 

Need an EXACT checklist on how to get into the freelancer lifestyle. Get your free copy here.  

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