5 Time Management Tips For Remote Workers

Remote work definitely offers more freedom BUT that doesn’t mean your workload magically reduces. The great thing is you have control over how you spend your time, and to us that is a major factor when creating your ideal work/life balance. 

Managing your time can be a bit tiresome though, so we’ve put together these FIVE handy tips you can use every day. 

1. Commit to a start & end time

This can be difficult to get into, especially for those who resist routines, but the nice thing about having a consistent start & end time to your day is that you hold yourself accountable by creating a time deadline AND ensuring you switch off from work at a certain time. 

2. Start with your number one

What we mean here, is start with your number one priority for the day. The one task that has to be completed and is non-negotiable. This is normally your most difficult or time-consuming task. Climb your mountain early on so you have the rest of the day to take in the view. 

3. Task batching

Write down the tasks you need to complete this week. Now group the tasks that are similar together. These types of tasks could be scheduling social media posts, replying to emails, writing blog articles etc. If you commit to batching similar tasks it gets this out of the way faster and gives you more time for deeper tasks. 

4. Use a Timer app

Find a to-do timer app that helps you keep track of how long you dedicate to certain tasks. This helps you stay focused, on time, and accountable. There are many apps out there that can assist. Our favourites are Focus To Do and Rescuetime.

5. Let others help you

We know you’re a superhero but let’s be honest, you don’t HAVE to do you everything yourself. If you’re an entrepreneur look into outsourcing some of your low priority tasks that are heavily time-consuming and enjoy the freedom it brings you. If you are a remote worker, delegate tasks to your team or consult your manager on your workload. 

These are our 5 tips to save time and get your work done faster. What do you do to manage your time? Let us know in the comments of this article.

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