Bansko – A New Digital Nomad Hub in Europe

What’s the buzz about Bansko? The world of remote work has turned its attention to this tranquil destination, and when you learn about all the benefits of Bansko for digital nomads, you’ll be tempted to make a trip there yourself.

First Things First – Where is Bansko?

Bansko is a town in the south-west region of Bulgaria, at the foot of the Pirin Mountains which are known for their excellent skiing and snowboarding conditions, as well as mineral springs and spa resorts.

Bansko for Digital Nomads – What’s the Appeal?

Bansko is an accessible destination when it comes to Visa requirements. Bulgaria is part of the EU, which means EU citizens can stay there indefinitely without a Visa. Most non-EU citizens can stay for up to 90 days, while other countries are required to get a visa.

The closest airport to Bansko is in the capital city of Sofia, about 2.5 hours away. Travellers can reach the town by shuttle or bus, or take the longer scenic route by train.

Once in Bansko, visitors can expect to be thoroughly charmed by the postcard-perfect landscape of snow-capped mountains. The ski town is small and peaceful, and easy for newbies to get around. It’s also a very affordable destination with a low cost of living, ideal for those who aren’t on a fixed income. There are also multiple coworking spaces geared towards helping you work remotely with ease and efficiency.

The cosy mountain village has become a highly popular digital nomad hub, with over 100 members now belonging to Coworking Bansko.

Top Things to Do in Bansko for Digital Nomads

Skiing and snowboarding:

Bansko has 16 ski runs across three mountain peaks, and offers affordable courses for beginners, as well as a rental centre for skiing or snowboarding equipment. Hit the slopes and enjoy a rush of adrenaline in the pristine alpine snow.

Ice Skating:

The local ice rink is another “hot spot” for Bansko visitors in winter. This is Bulgaria’s largest rink, and is open well after dark, so you can skate under the stars.


If you’re visiting Bansko in the warmer months, you’ll find there are dozens of fun hiking and walking trails to explore when the snow has melted away. Take an easy 30-minute hike up to Lake Okoto, or try a more challenging route around the peak of Vihren, Pirin’s highest mountain. You’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views at the end of your trail.

Mountain Biking:

Summer is also a good time to explore Bansko by bike, tackling the well-marked trails on Pirin and enjoying the unspoiled local landscape.

Hot Springs:

Treat yourself to a soak in one of Bansko’s natural hot mineral pools – pure bliss! Enjoy a rejuvenating soak in the hot water, any time of the year.

Authentic Bulgarian Mehanas:

All that time on the slopes is sure to work up an appetite. Visit a Bulgarian Mehana (tavern) to enjoy authentic local cuisine, grilled over open charcoal fires. Kebabs and stews are popular fare, accompanied by live music and local red wine.

Art Exhibits:

The former Rila Nunery is home to a permanent exhibition featuring original icons and wall paintings by Bansko Art School masters.  There are six halls of exhibits to take in at this historic building – a must-see for culture buffs.

Upcoming Events – Bansko Nomad Fest

Bansko Nomad Fest will run from 29th June to 5th July 2020. This week-long celebration welcomes a mix of digital nomads, freelancers and remote workers to attend presentations and workshops in Bansko, while also enjoying the local sports and attractions. More than 50 inspiring speakers will be sharing their stories and expert advice for aspiring and experienced digital nomads alike.

Book a Bansko Digital Nomad Retreat

Work Wanderers is hosting a three-week Bansko Retreat from 15 June – 5 July 2020, which coincides with the Nomad Fest and includes a full pass ticket! Live and work in Bansko with a group of fellow remote workers, enjoying top-class accommodation in an epic ski chalet and coworking facilities at Coworking Bansko. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore Bansko’s most popular attractions, and meet up with over 500 digital nomads at Bansko’s Nomad Fest. Apply now and enjoy the trip of a lifetime to this idyllic Bulgarian city!

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