The Top Digital Nomad Community Groups

Being a digital nomad offers you so much freedom and flexibility, but on the downside, it can get a little isolating at times. The good news is, many new resources have become available to digital nomads looking to network, collaborate and socialise with other hard-working travellers like themselves. These digital nomad community groups can be found online and offline in cities around the world.


Nomad List

Members: Over 53,000 

Cost: $30 for 1 month/ $99 for 1 year/ $149 for lifetime membership

About: Nomad List is one of the biggest online communities for remote workers around the globe. It was originally created by a Dutch entrepreneur looking to connect with the international nomad community. Some of the world’s best-known digital nomads are members; the site offers filters to help you pick your next destination, a long list of Slack channels for hot topics, plenty of opportunities to attend meetups, and the chance to match with friends or dates while travelling.

Digital Nomad Subreddit

Members: 612,000

Cost: Free

About: On this subreddit channel you can find a huge range of topics and discussions from novice and experienced digital nomads. A great resource for answers, advice and “life hacks”.

Facebook Groups

Global Digital Nomad Network

Members: 45,440

Cost: Free

About: This Facebook group was started by the founder of @nomadcruise and @homebaseglobal, and gives working wanderers a place to discuss all the biggest digital nomad topics. Get the latest info and insights on the best travel destinations, new marketing hacks and potential collaborations. A great place to connect and share your stories. 

Digital Nomads Around the World

Members: 120,314

Cost: Free

About: A group created to encourage knowledge-sharing, where digital nomads from all across the globe share their top tips and experiences.

The Wandering Community

Members: 84

Cost: Free

About: This is our community page that is for people who are remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs that travel or looking to move into this space. This group also includes many of our past Wanderers so it is a great place to ask any questions about their experience on our coliving/coworking retreat.

Digital Nomads Hub

Members: 1,799

Cost: Free

About: A platform for digital nomads to share tips and advice, meet each other online and look into coworking opportunities with each other.

Female Digital Nomads

Members: 58,859

Cost: Free

About: This group was started by Milou from Explorista.net, with the aim of uniting and inspiring women who are living the digital nomad lifestyle. It’s a place to make friends who really understand what you do and the challenges you face.

Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

Members: 52,433

Cost: Free

About: This group is in line with it’s name, it is for location independant entrepreneurs that travel and are looking for advice or to connect with other similar entrepreneurs. This is a great platform to ask questions but also network or find that o-founder you’ve been searching for.

Campfire: Digital Nomads & World Citizens Community

Members: 1,341

Cost: Free

About: Campfire provides opportunities for working travellers to network and share anything related to their business, passions and goals in a supportive online environment.

Digital Nomads Forum

Members: 11,452

Cost: Free

About: This group is for beginner, aspiring, successful and experienced digital nomads + remote workers to come together to support each other in our unique digital nomad journeys.

Meetup Groups

Meetup.com for Digital Nomads

Members: 102,949 (292 groups)

Cost: Free & paid options

About: This is the ultimate online resource for those wanting to find real-life meet-ups. There are plenty of events for location-independent entrepreneurs around the world, from drinks and dinner parties to presentations and workshops. 


Nomad Projects

Members: Over 3,786

Cost: Free

About: This app is designed to help a variety of digital nomads who are looking for side projects to team up and collaborate. You can use it to open yourself up to some great long-lasting partnerships and connections.


Members: Over 250,000

Cost: Free

About: If you’re new in town and looking to explore the local nightlife, this app gives you an easy way to meet up and hang out with other travellers and locals.


Members: Unknown

Cost: Free

About: Get a taste of the local flavour while making new friends. This app facilitates meetups for dinner parties, cooking classes and food tours.

These are just a few of the most popular digital nomad community groups out there. Don’t let loneliness get in your way when you’re exploring new territory – it’s easier than ever for digital nomads to connect with friends anywhere in the world. Do you have any more commuities to add?

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