Top 10 Reasons to Visit Tbilisi as a Digital Nomad

Tbilisi is more than a tongue-twister – this Eastern European city is fast becoming a buzzing retreat for digital nomads from all walks of life. What’s the appeal of Tbilisi for digital nomads today? 

Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia – that’s the Eurasian country known for its mountain villages and Black Sea beaches, not the US state renowned for its peaches – and here’s why it’s the hottest destination for digital nomads right now.

Why Tbilisi Attracts Digital Nomads

1. Affordable:

Georgia is known as an affordable destination for budget-conscious digital nomads. It’s easy to find a variety of accommodation and dining options on the cheaper side. Some travellers will book an Airbnb for a couple of weeks, while those staying in Georgia for a little longer prefer to rent apartments close to the Tbilisi city centre.

The cost of groceries, dining out and public transport in Tbilisi is also low in comparison to other European cities.

2. Long-Term Opportunity:

Citizens of specific countries – namely the EU, USA, South America, Balkans and selected Middle Eastern and Asian countries – have the opportunity to stay in Georgia visa-free for up to one year. 

3. Amazing Location:

If you’re staying in Tbilisi, the location gives you plenty of opportunities to explore multiple European and Asian countries. Georgia sits at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, with Azerbaijan at the southeast border and Armenia to the south – both within an hour’s drive of Tbilisi. The Black Sea is to the west and Russia is to the north. Low-cost flights are available from Georgia to destinations like Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria and more.

4. Reliable Connectivity:

Fast, reliable Internet is a must-have for digital nomads everywhere, and Tbilisi offers excellent coverage. You’ll find free WiFi in the city’s cafés, restaurants and bars, and you can also stay connected with a local SIM card from any of the country’s network providers.

5. Safety:

Overall, Tbilisi is considered a very safe destination for travellers. While the regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia are high-conflict areas and should be avoided, Tbilisi is peaceful. Just watch out for petty theft, and be careful on the roads, as locals tend to drive a little recklessly.

6. Rich Cultural Heritage:

When staying in Tbilisi, you’ll be exposed to a unique blend of European and Asian culture and traditions. The city blends a modern lifestyle with a rich history, which makes for an unforgettable visit.

7. Beautiful Architecture:

The buildings of Tbilisi are an impressive mix of modern skyscrapers, Soviet-era architecture and traditional Georgian houses. This is a fascinating architectural mix that gives the city its unique character.

8. Tasty Cuisine:

There is a diverse selection of authentic Georgian cuisine to sample when visiting the area. Spices, walnuts, apricots and figs feature prominently in the local dishes, which have a strong Middle Eastern and Persian influence. Be sure to treat yourself to some local flavour!

9. Excellent Wine:

Georgia is famous for its wine-making heritage; in fact, it’s said to be the oldest wine-making country in the world. Traditional Georgian wine is made using clay jars (known as qvevri), which are buried underground for the duration of the fermentation process. Tbilisi has plenty of wine bars where you can get a taste of what the region has to offer.

10. Warm Hospitality:

Georgians are known for being warm and welcoming to visitors. As a digital nomad travelling in Tbilisi, you can expect to make new friends while you get to know this beautiful city.

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